Monday, February 7, 2011

Zulu Nation

The Zulu Nation is the largest ethnic group in South Africa. There are approximately 8 million people of this ethnicity. The Zulu’s ancestors are said to have migrated to southern Africa after the 2nd century. They developed their language quite a bit before they had a centralized political structure, or even had a known identity. The name Zulu came from the name of one of the original clan founders and in 1815 Shaka Zulu became chief. He soon organized an army of 40,000 trained soldiers and had invented many of the weapons they were to use, like the short stabbing spear. In about 10 years, Shaka and his followers had built a kingdom.
The now known Natal providence was mostly encompassed of Zulu people. Shaka had his reign over the nation for years until his half brother Dingane assassinated him. By 1883 Zululand was invaded by British troops and colonized. Although their land was taken from them, a nationalistic group was created in 1928 to help support those who wanted to keep in touch with their predecessors. The Zulu nation has since been called the KwaZulu nation and was directed by Inkatha Ya Ka Zulu. Inkatha, in 1990, created his own political party called the Inkatha Freedom Party to oppose democratic parties.
The nationalism and views of the Zulu nation are still around today, but aren’t as violent as they have been in the past. There have been movies and books made about this tribe and about Shaka Zulu, as well as recording artist’s album titles. They have been prominent in the past and don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

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